Siegfried Sassoon: Hunting in the Trenches

Join Professor Charles Caramello in his analysis of Siegfried Sassoon’s semi-autobiographical trilogy Memoirs of a Fox-Hunting Man, Memoirs of an Infantry Officer, and Sherston's Progress. He will address the question of whether “riding to hounds” prepared men for the uniquely modern warfare of the Great War.

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Professor Charles Caramello is Professor of English at University of Maryland, where he also served as Dean of the Graduate School, Chair of the Department of English, and Director of the Comparative Literature Program. He is the author of Silverless Mirrors: Book, Self, and Postmodern American Fiction; Henry James, Gertrude Stein, and the Biographical Act; and numerous book chapters and scholarly articles on modern literature. 

Professor Caramello has shifted his scholarly interest in recent years from literary to equestrian history. He writes regularly for websites such as Horsetalk; recently published an annotated edition of two eighteenth-century treatises on military equitation; is completing a collection of essays, “Horsemen, Horse Soldiers, and Grand Illusions,” from which his talk tonight is taken; and is doing preparatory work in the NSLM archives for a book on equitation between the wars. Professor Caramello has been a John H. Daniels Fellow at NSLM for the past two years, an appointment recently renewed through 2024.

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