The Art of Marbled Paper: With Brittani Locke & Jill Deiss of Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbinding

If you’ve ever had the chance to tour the NSLM’s F. Ambrose Clarke Rare Book Room, you most likely will have seen some marvelous examples of paper marbling. Even today, marbled papers grace the covers of books and are used in many other crafts including box making, matting & framing, & greeting cards.

In this workshop with Brittani Locke and Jill Deiss of Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbindery, students will begin by learning some of the traditional marbling patterns that have their origins in early Turkey. Students will then move on to tackle some of the classic European patterns including the Italian peacock (pavone in Italian), the English bouquet, and the distinctive Spanish pattern known as Spanish Wave. The course is full of history and will include ample information on where to obtain supplies and how to do marbling at home. Join us for an unforgettable class to learn this ancient art form we are certain will influence your future projects in art and craft.

$150 for Members and $175 for Non- Members plus a $50 materials fee to be paid in-person on the day of the workshop.

Learn more about Cat Tail Run Hand Bookbindery here!

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