Giving Tuesday

This Giving Tuesday, increase your impact

Help us bring Virginia wildlife home!

To maintain healthy populations of the wildlife we love, we must provide them with the healthy wild landscapes they require. What better way to showcase this essential relationship than a transformation on our campus in the heart of Middleburg?

This Giving Tuesday, the National Sporting Library & Museum is proud to announce that we will be kicking off our rewilding effort by raising funds to plant native grass on our campus.

The decline of native grasslands in Northern Virginia has resulted in a steep decrease, or even disappearance, of grassland-associated fauna, such as Meadowlark and quail. By designing a wild landscape matrix, we can establish a haven for lost species to return home.

Where will my gift go?

For this inaugural project, we have allocated an unutilized portion of our lawn on which we will plant Little Bluestem. This native grass was one of the most prevalent in this area before agricultural development. Its growth will provide a home and shelter to indigenous species. Our goal this Giving Tuesday is to raise $10,000. This will allow us to complete this 5,000-square-foot planting project. Generously offering to donate labor, design, and project management is Fritz Reuter, local founder of landscape design/build and management company, Virginica, LLC. This will ensure your gift has an even bigger impact, going directly to the purchase of the native grasses themselves.

Together, we can help bring Virginia wildlife home!