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The National Sporting Library & Museum Archive Collection is housed on the Lower Level of the Library.  The archive consists of letters, papers, hunt diaries, photographs, scrapbooks and other ephemera from the past two centuries. Access to the Archive Collection is available by appointment only. Due to the sensitive nature of archival materials, NSLM may prohibit scanning, photocopying, or photographing materials. 

The Library is open to the public. If you would like to visit the Library to conduct your own research please contact

Finding Aids

ID Collection Materials Dates
MC0085 The National Beagle Club of America, Inc., Archives
PDF - 123 KB
Letters, clippings, scrapbooks, minute books, photographs 1890-1987
Early Books on Horsemanship and Sporting Topics
MC0084 Canadian English Foxhound Show Collection
PDF - 62K
Correspondence, clippings, photocopies, result lists 1954-1975
MC0083 Pulsifer Carriage Driving Materials
Programs and catalogs 1911-1953
MC0082 Patricia W. MacVeagh Photo Collection
Photographs, ephemera, ribbons, programs 1935-2013
MC0081 James Reynolds Collection
PDF - 9K
Correspondence 1957
MC0080 Henry Bethune Scrapbook
PDF - 9K
Scrapbook 1853-1890
MC0079 J. Blan Van Urk’s “Good Hunting” Series
PDF - 10K
Typescripts 1938-1939
MC0078 James Corlett Correspondence Collection
PDF - 10K
Correspondence, clippings, ephemera 1880-1913
MC0077 Marilyn Mackay-Smith Archive Collection
PDF - 15K
Manuscripts, facsimiles, photographs, ephemera 1974-2000
MC0075 Eleanor Weller Reade Collection
PDF - 31K
Scrapbooks, Photographs, Clippings, Ephemera 1881-2009
MC0074 Ethel McLane Hoffman Archive Collection
PDF - 103K
Logbooks, Clippings, Photocopies, Manuscript 1928-1954
MC0076 Dartmoor Pony Registry of America Archive Collection
PDF - 24K
Manuscript, Photographs, Facsimile, Booklets, Documents 1901-2014
MC0073 William Almy, Jr. Collection
PDF - 10K
Hunt Diaries, Ledger Book 1921-1968
MC0004 John J. Woodriff Collection
PDF - 11K
Letters, documents, photographs 1890-1964
MC0054 Paul Brown Archive
PDF - 13K
Correspondence, Photographs, Photocopies 1893-2007
MC0065 Ritzenberg Photo Collection
PDF - 95K
Photographs, Photo albums, Scrapbooks 1950-1995
Index Master Container List
XLSX - 170K
NSLM Archive Container List (Spreadsheet) N/A
MC0067 Middleburg Field Day Photo Album
PDF - 10K
Photograph Album 1911
MC0068 Arabian Horse Photographs
PDF - 9K
Photograph Albums Undated
MC0069 Leon Rasmussen Collection
PDF - 29K
Papers, Manuscripts 1950-2003
MC0071 Horse and Hound Show Catalogs
PDF - 17K
Catalogs, Prize Lists, Programs 1890-2014
MC0070 Rombout Hunt Archive
PDF - 18K
Letters, Newsletters, Photographs, Maps, Ephemera 1929-2000
MC0072 Jenney Family Collection
PDF - 46K
Correspondence, Photographs, Scrapbooks, Clippings, Ephemera 1918-2007
MC0064 Richard Stone Reeves Archive
PDF - 103K
Correspondence, Photographs, Transparencies, Clippings, Documents, Scrapbooks, Art Tools 1931-2005
MC0063 H. L. M. van Schaik Papers
PDF - 14K
Letters, Photographs, Articles 1961-1991
MC0062 NSLM Academic Typescripts Collection
PDF - 11K
Typescripts 1971-1996
MC0061 John Glass Archive
PDF - 13K
Letters, Documents, Data Lists 1954-1997
MC0060 Mill Creek Hunt Archive
PDF - 14K
Letters, Clippings, Photographs, Member Lists, Hunting Records 1923-1967
MC0058 William Haggin Perry Archive
PDF - 13K
Photographs, Albums, Poster Boards, Clippings 1953-2000
MC0057 M. L. “Duke” Biscotti Ephemera Collection
PDF - 13K
Ephemera 1997-2010
MC0056 Gordon Smith Papers
PDF - 14K
Log Books, Clippings, Photocopies, Draft Manuscript 1923-2008
MC0059 Wesley Dennis Scrapbooks
PDF - 12K
Scrapbooks, Photo Albums 1948-1966
MC0055 Mary Cochran Diaries
PDF - 11K
Photocopies 2001
MC0052 Chapman Family Angling Collection
PDF - 17K
Booklets, Directories, Magazines, Pamphlets, Catalogs, Ephemera 1944-2009
MC0053 Jackie C. Burke Collection
PDF - 12K
Photographs, E-mails, Magazines, Programs, Clippings, Correspondence 1796-2007
MC0066 Fairfax Hunt Archive
PDF - 20K
Letters, Clippings, Programs, Photographs, Pcrapbooks 1933-2011
MC0051 John H. Daniels Archive
PDF - 15K
Correspondence, Photograph Albums, Slides, Publication 1978-1993
MC0050 Hotaling Media Guides Collection
PDF - 12K
Horseracing Media Guides 1990-2004
MC0049 Virginia Trail Riders Archive
PDF - 11K
Photographs, documents, memorabilia, clippings 1957-2015
MC0048 Middleburg Spring Races Collection
PDF - 11K
Photograph Albums, Scrapbooks 1965-1998
MC0047 Rolling Rock Races Scrapbooks
PDF - 27K
Scrapbooks 1952-1957
MC0046 E. H. Carle Photo Collection
PDF - 13K
Photographs 1889-1934
MC0045 Frederick Burlew Collection
PDF - 28K
Manuscripts 1960s
MC0044 Washington Riding and Hunt Club
PDF - 24K
Documents, booklets, and bulletins 1913-1938
MC0043 Vladimir S. Littauer Papers
PDF - 24K
Correspondence, typescripts, documents, ephemera c. 1893-1995
MC0042 Wallace W. Nall Collection
PDF - 17K
Slides, Photographs, Correspondence, Papers 1923-2003
MC0041 Harry Worcester Smith Papers
PDF - 70K
Papers, photos 1875-1977
MC0040 Alexander Mackay-Smith Papers
PDF - 70K
Papers 1747-1995
MC0039 John S. and Betty W. Donald Papers
PDF - 106K
Papers 1940-1962
MC0037 Upperville Colt and Horse Show Papers
PDF - 125K
Papers 1857-2003
MC0036 *Witez II Pedigree Album
PDF - 12K
Pedigree Books 1808-1955
MC0035 Margaret L. Smith Scrapbooks
PDF - 122K
Scrapbooks 1952-1965
MC0034 Orange County Hunt Hunting Diaries
PDF - 91K
Hunting Diaries 1936-1969
MC0033 Middleburg-Leesburg (Virginia) Photograph Album
PDF - 88K
Photographs 1911-1953
MC0032 Warrenton Hunt Photograph Album
PDF - 90K
Photographs 1936-1937
MC0031 F. Ambrose Clark Scrapbooks
PDF - 97K
Scrapbooks 1921-1933
MC0030 Custer Cassidy Collection
PDF - 132K
Illustrations 1953-1978
MC0029 American Foxhound Club Minutes
PDF - 87K
Papers 1912-1977
MC0028 Ellen B. Wells Papers
PDF - 125K
Papers c.1930-1992
MC0027 Daingerfield and Keene Families Genealogical Materials
PDF - 103K
Papers 1900-1987
MC0026 George J. Garrett Papers
PDF - 126K
Papers 1929-1959
MC0025 “Lost Treasure” Stud Fees Account Ledger
PDF - 115K
Ledger Books 1957-1962
MC0024 Ladies’ Four-in-Hand Driving Club Scrapbook
PDF - 50K
Scrapbooks 1904-1910
MC0023 Walker Hounds Pedigree Book
PDF - 95K
Pedigree Books 1867-1913
MC0022 Henry Hugh Somerset, Tenth Duke of Beaufort Scrapbook
PDF - 97K
Scrapbooks 1960-1989
MC0021 Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr. Hunting Diaries
PDF - 94K
Hunting Diaries 1948-1963
MC0020 Bryn Mawr Horse Show Register
PDF - 92K
Papers 1939
MC0019 Lucy Linn (Mrs. Howard Linn) Photographs
PDF - 114K
Photographs 1934-1939
MC0018 S. Bryce Wing Photograph Albums
PDF - 118K
Photographs 1903-1930
MC0017 Nantucket Harriers Hunting Diaries
PDF - 94K
Hunting Diaries 1934-1955
MC0016 Treweryn Beagles Hunting Diaries
PDF - 128K
Hunting Diaries 1930-1987
MC0015 Buckram Beagles Journals
PDF - 95K
Hunting Diaries 1936-1972
MC0014 Middlesex Hunt Minute Book
PDF - 90K
Papers 1901-1910
MC0013 Meadow Brook Hunt Scrapbooks
PDF - 97K
Scrapbooks 1895-1906
MC0012 Alexander Henry Higginson Scrapbooks
PDF - 112K
Scrapbooks 1899-1926
MC0011 Dorothy Neyhart Scrapbooks
PDF - 98K
Scrapbooks, Hunting Diaries 1922-1935
MC0010 Gerald B. Webb, Jr. Photograph Albums
PDF - 126K
Photographs 1935-1961
MC0009 Piedmont Fox Hounds Archives
PDF - 14K
Papers 1915-1930
MC0008 Joseph B. Thomas Hunting Diaries
PDF - 16K
Hunting Diaries 1913-1929
MC0007 Warder H. Cadbury Sheet Music Collection
PDF - 14K
Sheet Music 1798-1914
MC0006 Sterling Larrabee Papers
PDF - 17K
Papers 1847-1974
MC0005 Peter Winants Papers
PDF - 18K
Papers, Photographs 1907-2000
MC0003 Leonard S. Sutcliffe Photograph Albums
PDF - 17K
Photographs 1925-1934
MC0002 Lisa Fleitmann Bloodgood Papers
Papers 1906-1982
MC0001 Marshall Hawkins Photograph Collection
PDF- 28K
Photographs 1940-1980

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