Current Members

as of March 31, 2021

Circle Members

Leadership ($25,000)

Mrs. William Abel Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Landon V. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Calder
Mrs. Frances Massey Dulaney
Shirley Z. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Manuel H. Johnson
Mrs. Jacqueline B. Mars
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mullan
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Mullin, III
George L. Ohrstrom II
Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Ohrstrom
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Ohrstrom
Mrs. George L. Ohrstrom, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Slack
Mrs. Robert H. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander N. Vogel

Benefactor ($10,000)

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Akre, Jr.
Kathy and MH Allen
Amb. and Mrs. Thomas H. Anderson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Arthur
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley J. Bondi
Ms. Cathy M. Brentzel
Mr. and Mrs. B. Tim Brookshire
Ms. Mary Cowan
Mr. and Mrs. Guy O. Dove
Natalie and Glenn Epstein
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Greenan
Mrs. Helen K. Groves
Ineke and Peter Kreeger
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kurzius
Mrs. Robin C. Parsky
Mrs. Lorian Peralta-Ramos
Ms. Claire Reid
Mr. and Mrs. F. Turner Reuter, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William W. Stahl, Jr.
Mrs. Virginia Guest Valentine

Conservator ($5,000)

Karen and Michael Crane
Ms. Anne Engen
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Douglas Fout
Ms. Nina Fout
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Fazakerley
Michela and Daniel Gorham
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gregory, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace F. Holladay, Jr.
Mrs. E. Margriet Langenberg Husain and Mr. Najaf Husain
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Roger H. W. Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Massie
Juliana E. May
Darrin Mollett and Bill Ballhaus
Ms. Jean Perin
Ms. Nicole H. Perry and Mr. Andrew T.C. Stifler
Ms. Daisy Prince and Mr. Hugh Chisholm
Mrs. Frederick H. Prince
Mrs. Felicia Warburg Rogan
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Schmidt
Mr. Chuck Snyder
Mr. T. Garrick Steele
Ms. Laurie Louise Volk
Ms. Viviane M. Warren
Mr. John Patrick White, Esq.

Patron ($2,500)

Mr. and Mrs. Childs F. Burden
Anjela Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Cay, III
Mr. and Mrs. Jon C. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. John Kent Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bradley Davis
Kitty and Robert Dove
Laura Farrell
Mr. Gregory William Gingery
Goodstone Inn & Restaurant
Mrs. Hermen Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Jack S. Griswold
Mr. Albert B. Head
Mr. Chris Holder
Alice Maxine Rowley Janes
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Jeffries
Mrs. S. K. Johnston, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joel A. Kobert
Mr. Bryce M. Lingo
Elizabeth Locke and John Staelin
Lena Scott Lundh and Lennart Lundh
Mrs. Alexander Mackay-Smith
Mrs. Gwynne G. McDevitt
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Mills, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Morency
Ms. Mary C. Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Morgenthaler
Ms. Catherine C. Murdock
Mr. and Mrs. Irv Naylor
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest M. Oare
Cristina and Bob Parr
The Hon. Trevor Potter and Mr. Dana Scott Westring
Dr. and Mrs. Jerold J. Principato
Diana Reuter-Twining and Edmund S. Twining, III
Mr. Kenneth C. Rietz
Ms. Laura W. Van Roijen
Ms. Barbara A. Sharp
Mrs. John Sodolski
Mr. David Michael Tafuri
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip S. Thomas
Rab and George Thompson
Mr. Peter L. Villa
Louisa Woodville and Nigel Ogilvie

Core Members

Guardian ($1,000)

Mrs. Charles C. Abeles
Ms. Anne H. Adams
Ms. Anne Ballenger
Wendy Bebie
Mrs. Rose Marie Bogley
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Brockman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. George Miller Chester, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. P. Hamilton Clark, III
Mr. Peter Cook
Mr. Paul D. Cronin
Mr. and Mrs. John O. Downing
Dr. and Mrs. James Lee Etheredge, III
Deborah and John Fedore
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Fenwick, Jr.
Mr. Bruce Harrison
Mr. James L. Hatcher, Jr.
Leslie Hazel
Mrs. Gertraud Hechl
Ms. Carol Holden
Kat Imhoff
Virginia Jenkins
Ms. Fernanda M. Kellogg and Mr. Kirk Henckels
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kemmerer
Bonnie and Jim Kraut
Mary Lu and Mason Lampton
Mr. Douglas H. Lees, III
Mr. and Mrs. Trowbridge Littleton
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Mackall, Jr.
Michael Mars
Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Matheson
Ms. Anne P. McDowell
Mrs. Betsy B. Mead
The Hon. Mary Mochary and Dr. Phil Wine
Mr. and Mrs. Chips C. Page
Mr. and Mrs. Gayden Parker
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Penkhus
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Powers
Dr. and Mrs. William Russell
Mrs. Carolyn Saffer
Ms. Kelly Valdes
Ms. Alexine von Keszycki and Dr. Kevin O'Connor
Nancy West and Malcolm Matheson, III MFH
Mr. and Mrs. C. Martin Wood, III
Mr. and Mrs. Rene R. Woolcott
Mr. David Wright
Lynne and Tony Zande

Associate ($500)

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Armfield
Mr. and Mrs. Max N. Berry
Deon Bezaquet
Mr. and Mrs. Perry J. Bolton
Mr. Charles D. Carroll
Mr. W. Donald Clark
Ms. Susan Clarke
Mr. William Cooper
Mr. and Mrs. Robert DeButts
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Fendley, III
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Glickman
Cricket Goodall
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hackman
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Hazel, Jr.
Mr. E. Randolph Hooks
Susan and James Kelly
Mrs. Lee McGettigan
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh I.S. Miller, Sr.
Mr. George H. Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund T. Mudge, IV
James O'Reilly
Georgina Owen and Outerbridge Horsey
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Pater
Mr. Bruce D. Sargent
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Seilheimer, Jr.
Sara McKenna Sherman
Mr. and Mrs. Berkeley Shervin
Miss Beverly R. Steinman
Mr. James K. Thompson
Dr. Robert Varrin
Murphy Tuomey Wilson

Sponsor ($250)

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Aulisi
Mr. and Mrs. Trey Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Banner, Jr.
Hon. Constance S. Barker
John T. Behrendt
Ms. Adrianne Brooks
Steffanie Burgevin
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Carroll, IV
Connie Carter and Gordon Dale
Kay Chewning and Jeff Browning
Mr. Paul Clausen
Mr. Edward F. Connelly
Marylouise Coolidge
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Denegre
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Dimos
Mr. and Mrs. H. Benjamin Duke, III
Mary Ewing
Leah and John Ferguson
Ms. Virginia Fout and Mr. Michael Whetstone
Mr. and Mrs. Jerre Frankhouser
Mrs. James C. Garwood
Elizabeth H. Gemmill
Mr. Denis Glaccum
Suzanne R. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Hafer
Mrs. Sherman P. Haight, Jr.
Dell Hancock
Mr. and Mrs. H. Christopher Henick
Dulcy and Richard Hooper
Mrs. Verne L. Hosta
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Hundt, Jr.
Sally Ike
Mr. Scott Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Lee Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kansteiner
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Keys
Catherine C. Larmore
Lindsey Lash
Marion Lee
Ms. Dorothy Lee
Marion Maggiolo
Mrs. Peter Manigault
Miss Ashley Marx
Ms. Jessica Mathews and Gen. Charles G. Boyd, USAF (RET)
Mrs. Michael Matz
Ms. Patricia McCann
Kathryn McElheny
Mr. & Mrs. Sean McGuinness
Katherine Neville
Mr. and Mrs. M. Willson Offutt, IV
Mr. James F. O'Rourke, III
Mr. J. Randolph Parks
Mrs. Richard I. Pigford
Dr. Chip L. Prehn
The Quaker City Foundation
Ms. Anita Ramos
Mr. James E. Rich, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Riemenschneider
Ms. Barbara Rohde
Stephanie and Chase Rowan
Ms. Adrienne E Rowles
Monica and John Schoultz
Mr. Milton Sender
Mrs. Patricia R. St. Clair
Greg Tawaststjerna
Sherry Twining and Tom Walmer
Ms. Mary Wanamaker Watriss
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Wayt, III
Lynn Wiley
Mr. Lewis S. Wiley
Ms. Nancy Hamill Winter
Mary Ann and Tucker Withers
Alston O. Wolf
Ms. Martha A. Wolfe and Dr. William Shabb
Don Yovanovich
Baba Zipkin

Dual/Household ($100)

Mr. Alan J. Ackerman
Ms. Judy Allen
Susie and Phil Audibert
Mrs. Anita Baarns
Sara Lee Barnes
Pamela Blumberg
Kathy and Keith Boi
Queta and Langhorne Bond
Ms. Cornelia W. Bonnie
Maureen Crowley Botros
Kristin Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard H. Brown III
Mr. and Mrs. John Woolfolk Burke, III
Charles Caramello
Margaret MacMahon Carroll
Marianne Casey and Russell Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Chapin, III
Constance Chatfield-Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Chatfield-Taylor
Brooke Chilvers
Ms. Anne Clancy
Mr. Snowden Clarke
Mr. and Mrs. William Clinton
Mrs. Peyton S. Cochran, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Cohen
Thomas J. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Farnham F. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Conboy
Harriet and David Condon
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Cox
Elinor and Peter Crane
Mr. and Mrs. James H. Cudlip
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Curran
Mr. and Dr. Edward A. Cusnier
Dartmoor Pony Registry of America
Laura Nevins Dabinett
Ms. Sandra Danielson
Aline Day
Emily Day
Dr. Morgan Delaney and Mr. Osborne Mackie
Ms. Marilyn A. Denton and Mr. John Charles Bennison
Ms. Linda Devan
Lydia Donaldson
Heidi Doubleday
Mrs. Tria Pell Dove
Mr. and Mrs. Philip R.C. Dudley
Mr. and Mrs. Robinson Duncan
Ms. Christina Jordan Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. G. Wayne Eastham
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Edens, III
Leslie Edmundson
Maria and Coe Eldredge
Joan and Robert Eliot
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ernst
David R. Evans
Elizabeth and John Fawcett
Mrs. Diana Ferris
Mrs. Sandra Flax
Susan Forbush
Ms. Patricia Franke
Kathryn Rayner Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Freitag
Bill Getchell
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Geyer
Ms. Charlotte Ober Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. J. Christopher A. Gore
Dr. and Mrs. George T. Graham
Ms. Blake Green
Ms. Gail Guirreri-Maslyk and Dr. William Ley
Mr. Channing M. Hall, III
Mrs. Patricia Hellyer
Caroline and Jack Helmly
Mr. Gerald L. Hempt
Georgia Herbert
David Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Higginson, Jr.
Rob Hilton
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Hitch
Mr. Davyd Foard Hood
Pam Hooper
Jane Hottensen
Anne and Edgar Hughston
Mary Jo and Ron Jackson
Jane Jeffries
Mrs. Richard K. Jones
Gail Ann and Joe Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Kaye
Ann and Scott Keep
Ms. Catherine Parris Kerkam
Mr. William M. Klimon
RDML (Ret) and Mrs. Jon C. Kreitz
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Lambert
Mr. and Mrs. Robert deTreville Lawrence
Kirsten Lee
Sondra B. and Jeffrey L. LeHew
Ms. Arla Jean Lewis
Lois and Kenneth Lippmann
Ms. Lexine D. Lowe and Mr. Frederick C. Pomeroy
Sue, Hunt, and Christian Lyman
Jan Lyons and Geraldine Lyons
Mr. Jed Lyons
Amanda and George Mahoney
Stephanie Malevich and Gary Fries
Thomas W. Mansmann
Mr. Louis A. Margaglione
Dr. and Mrs. Warren Marion
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Marstiller
Mr. Walter Matia
Carol C. Mattusch and Richard Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCormick
Anne W. McIntosh, MFH
Mr. Harry G. McIntosh
Deborah and Thomas McLaughlin
Beth Merricks
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Miller
Richard Murphy
Mr. Paul Murphy
Deborah and Alan Nash
Lynn and Jonas Neihartt
James Newman
Mr. German Noguera
Deb and David Norman
Mr. W. Kemp Norman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Fuller O'Connor
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O'Donnell
Ms. Elaine Oette
Mr. and Mrs. William F. O'Keefe
Mr. and Mrs. David Olimpi
Ms. Laurie Olivieri
Ms. Amy N. Orr
Mr. Earl B. Parker, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Charlotte Parr
Mr. Ronald Edward Patterson
Angelene V. Pell
Virginia and John Piper
Mrs. Cynthia Piper
Ms. Linda B. Platt
Ms. Mindy Pless
Delane and Ridge Porter
Barbara and Wesley Price
Dianna and Stephen Price
Ms. Leslie Reed
Ms. Linda Robeson
Laureen and Sean Rogers
Mrs. Donna Rogers
Ms. Elizabeth Roll
Reyne Salacain
Mr. Philip K. Schenck, Jr.
John Seibold
Jennifer Sims and Bob Gallucci
Mr. Peter Sirh
Mr. Tyler Smith
Mr. and Mrs. D.M. Smithwick, Jr.
Mrs. Mary Frances Smoak Walde and Mr. William Walde
Mrs. Reg Stettinius
Kathryn Lee and Eric Steuer
Ms. Whitney Allyson Steve
Ms. Elizabeth Stokes
Susan Mills Stone and Abbott Fletcher
Rae Stone
Dr. and Mrs. Barry S. Strauch
Lori and Michael Sullivan
Jessica and David Swan
Marian Sweeney
Ms. Joanne M. Swift
Dennis Tarro
Mrs. Donald Taylor
Ms. Robin H. Taylor
Mr. Philip Terzian
Zan Thomas
Ms. Elizabeth M. Tobey
Steven Topolovec
Mrs. Wayne Travell
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Tuckwiller
Mr. Richard L. Valentine
Mrs. Elizabeth V. Vannote
Linda Volrath Parrish and Steven Parrish
Helen Potter and Whit Wagner
Mr. Anthony M. Warrender
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Wasserman
Georgiana Watt
Mr. Thomas Jackson Weaver III
Samantha Bennett White
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Wofford
Joan and Robert Wolf
Mary and Don Woodruff
Mr. and Mrs. William E. S. Worrall
Ms. Margaret Worrall
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Tommy Wyne

Individual ($50)

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Abramson
Anne Brady Adams
Jennifer Aldrich
Dr. Dennis J. Amato
Ms. Prudence Anderson
Lois Angeletti
Mr. George Archibald
Jennifer Ashley
Katharine J. Atkins
Ms. Peggy Augustus
Ms. Sandra Auman
Ms. Anita Bailey
Pat Barton
Mary Bauhan
Ms. Posie Beam
Ms. Jennifer Beisel
Stacie Benes
Cynthia Benitz
Ms. Linda Bergin
Ms. Janice Binkley-Cole
Mr. Matthew L. Biscotti
Mr. John Blackburn
Kay B. Blassic
Ms. Robin Bledsoe
Mr. William E. Bobbitt, Jr.
Mr. C. B. Boyer
Helen Brettell
Ms. Melinda Brewer
Dr. R. Merritt Brown
Ms. Jackie C. Burke
Carol Buswell
Barbara J. Byrd
Ms. Liz Callar
Martha Cammack
Ms. Laura Campbell and Mr. James Cleaveland
Melissa Cantacuzene
Goksin Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan A. Carey
Arden Carroll
Dr. Jim Casada
Ms. Katherine K. Cawood
Gale R. Cayce
Peter Ceponis
Martin Chasin: Friends of British Sporting Art
Marilyn Z. Cheek
Ms. Holly Palmer Cheff
Ms. D. Haskell Chhuy
Anne Coles
Lawrence Comegys
Mr. B.F. Commandeur
Roberta Comrie
Ms. Barbara Tragakis Conner
Mary Cornish
Ms. Jeralyn Coulter
Mr. Timothy C. Cox
Dr. Kathleen Greiwe Crandell
Juanita Crowley
Ms. Celia Cummings
Romey Curtis
Ms. Cynthia Daily
Nancy Davidson
Frederica Davis
Ms. Ruth Anne Davis
Mrs. Carole Dell
Louie S. Dobson
Bonny Dodson
Mrs. C. Lindsay Dole
Pam Stokes Donehower
James E. Douglass
Mr. Bryant R. Dunetz
Mr. Gary L. Dycus
Hazle W. Edens
Rebecca Elgin
Valerie Archibald Embrey
Mr. James Elliott Entrikin
Molly Eppard
Ms. Ellen Epstein
Ms. Patricia Ewing
Mr. Chad Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Fine
Tracy Flynn
Faith Fort
Mrs. Roberta Frost
Margaret Gallagher
David Gallalee
Mr. Robert Garrett
Ms. Jilda C. Garity
Bruce Ann Gillet
Ms. Debbie Goldstein
Mrs. Richard Gookin
Juliet Graham
Frances Greene
Miss Stuart T. Greene
Mary Ann Gworek
Heather Hanna
Flora Debenham Hannum
Mrs. Alexandra Semmes Hansen
Susan J. Hart
Miss Lisa Rose Havilland
Barbara Hite Heck
Beth Hester
Mr. Robin Hill
Joseph Hocker, Jr.
Miss Meaghan K. Hogan
Holly Hudimac
Mary Dixon and Jack Hutcheson
Rebecca Hutchings
Ann Biggs Jackson
Stephen Jameson
Gail Jeffries
Rachel and Andrew Jennings
Nathalie H. Kaye
Karen Kazmark
Paul Kearney
Mr. Edward W. Kelly, MFH
Nancy Keyser
Michelle King
Katharine B. Kingsley
Mr. Manown Kisor, Jr.
Monica Kostreba
Ms. Joanne R. Kresic
Dr. J. Drew Lanham
Natalie Patricia Lasko
Mr. Henry W. Lavine
Mrs. Fred Lazenby
Falita Liles
Mr. S. Scot Litke
Deborah A. Logerquist, DVM
Ms. Judith Ann Maguire
Ms. Wendy Makins
Ms. Elizabeth Manierre
Mr. Dominic Manocchio
Mr. Jack Martin
Mr. Robert Martinell
Mrs. Ellen Mautner
Hildreth B. McCarthy, M.D.
Capt. Robert Mihlbaugh
Carol J. Miller
Ellicott Million
Mrs. Giel Millner
Mr. Timothy Allen Mize
Mr. Carlos S. E. Moore
Ms. Angela Morales
Mr. Joseph L. Moran, Jr.
Eleanor Porter Morison
Daisy Moseley
Joyce Mullins
Diane Murray
Tony Musgrave
Mrs. Jane M. Noland
Ms. Lily L. Norton
Mr. Thomas Paul O'Connor
Chris Parios
Donald Place
Ms. Lee Porter
Jolie Smith Proimos
Mrs. Holliday M. Pulsifer
Ms. Denise Quirk, Ph.D.
Joan Ramsay
Sandra Ranke
Mrs. Barrie Briscoe Reightler
Mrs. Jeannette B. Rettig
Mr. Robert Rhoad
Helen Richards
Mrs. Althea Richards
Ms. Holly H. Richards
Mrs. Judy H. Richter
Mr. S. Barclay Rives
J.J. Roberts
Jean S. Roberts
Ms. Linda Roberts
Ms. Suzanne Rowdon
Ms. Kathy Rubin
Dr. Christopher S. Ryder
Katy Redmond Schildwachter
Cpt. Julia K. Scoville
Dr. James Sehn
Mr. Dominic Sewell
Dr. Jonathan Shurberg
Mr. Howe K. Sipes, III
Eleanor F. Slater, ex-MFH
Mr and Mrs Christopher Smick
Felicitas Smith
Mr. Joseph Judson Smith, III
Ms. Mariah Carol Smith
Emily Southgate
Ms. Ellie Spencer
Nancy Nelson Stevenson
Mrs. Nina A. Straight
Mr. William Stromire
Michael Strotz
Judith Strotz
Count Nikolaus Szapary
Mary Terpak
Ms. Julia D. Thieriot
Mr. Milton Toby, JD
Rhea Topping
Ms. Felicia Schaps Tracy
Mary S. Twiss
Christian Von Hassell
Mr. Donald J. Walsh, Jr.
Ms. Linda Warshaw
Mrs. Ellen Waterman
Abbey and Wylie Watt
Ellen K. Wessel
Ms. Whitney White
Ms. Karen Wild
Mrs. Helen C. Wiley
Mrs. Katherine Wilkins
Karyn Wilson
Katy Wilson
Ms. Sylvia J. Wilson
Linda Bell Wine
Mrs. Henry N. Woolman, III
Jennifer Young
Jennifer Burgess Youngman
Ms. Ruth L. Youngwirth
Mrs. Sherry Zendel
Isobel Ziluca
Col. John F. Zugschwert

Student/Teacher ($25)

Ms. Roshane Harris
Chris Osborn
Mr. Rodger M. L. Schmitt, Jr.
Miss Mary Watt
Miss Ada Watt